Our polarized world is under attack – overcoming age-old differences is now crucial to human survival. The Jews and Christians in e-Noam believe that we are called upon to cultivate meaningful purposeful relationship without blurring differences. To this end we have been studying Torah together on a weekly basis for nearly ten years. The deep relationships developed have paved the way to partnerships in assisted Aliya, social projects in Africa and more.

Our partners in these projects are diverse, including many secular people who do not share our divine sense of personal mission). Volunteers from more than 50 countries are now active in these projects. The whole point is that a shared faith is not necessary for us to learn to love each other and work together to fulfill G-d’s will for the world We do feel however, that a sense of joint biblical calling is necessary and sufficient glue, even if our biblical understandings are diverse.

It is the biblical calling that provides us with an opportunity to realize the utopia prophesied in the bible. It is the biblical values that provide us with a common moral framework for working together. Anyone inspired by the bible with a sense of commitment to its values and vision as perceived by that person should feel at home in the e-Noam fellowship.

As reflected in the mission, vision and core value statements in this document, our focus to date has been making sure that religious Jews and Christians like us feel at home in e-Noam. Our ultimate goal, however, is that all members of the Abrahamic family feel at home in e-Noam - Muslims and secular humanists as well. Representatives from these sectors that will hopefully help us make this document more inclusive without diluting the sense of divine calling for those that are driven by it.

The FAQs (frequently asked questions) in this document currently have two parts – the FAQ for Jews was written by the Jews - the FAQ for Christians was written by the Christians. New FAQ questions are already being addressed on a routine basis. As e-Noam expands to additional sectors, FAQs will be added for those faiths as well.