Our Vision

Realizing the Biblical vision for Israel and the Nations, loving and serving the G-d of Israel together.

Key elements include:

  1. Aligning our understanding of the prophesized Biblical relationship

    • Study our common scriptures together

    • develop a broad consistent connection with those who wish to learn and to discern the word of G-d more deeply

    • discussion without preconception of the other

    • find out respective Biblical roles in preparation for the “World to come”

  2. Developing opportunities for meaningful engagement to cultivate that relationship

    • walking in the Land together while connecting with those living in the diaspora

    • recreational and social activities, e.g. during shared festivals

    • build in time to talk to one another and ask each other questions

    • stay open to new ideas

  3. Developing a “mixed reality” platform for ongoing community engagement.                                 This platform can be both physical and virtual, anywhere, anytime

    • Worship Hashem (G-d) together

      • Praying, singing, expressing love to Hashem (G-d) and to one another

    • Collaborate on projects together

      • Establishment of Ambassador Academy-a serious opportunity for Christians to connect with Jewish people in the Land and in the diaspora.

      • Develop curriculum.

      • African kibbutz movement.

      • Enlarge the Abrahamic e-Noam family