• Kim Johnson

4 Questions of Exodus

The story of Exodus is a story of freedom.

In fact the tag line that accompanies Passover from generation to generation, "from slavery to freedom." And yes, freedom is a major theme of the book of Exodus, however it's only ONE theme. There is so much more!

This week we started the second series of e-Noam Together with 4 questions that shed light on the depth of messaging that exists in the story!

Here are the 4 questions we asked:

  1. Moses demands that Pharoah ‘let my people go.’ For what purpose? Does this rallying call extend beyond Egypt and Israel? Does it remain relevant today?

  2. The store of Exodus details ten plagues that appear to haunt us to this day. What might be the purpose of these plagues? Do you see parallels with pandemics that plague us today?

  3. Shifra and Puah (Exodus 1:16) are the first healthcare personnel mentioned in the Bible. Is there anything that we can learn from their story regarding our own civil servants?

  4. Many crucial roles in the story of Exodus are carried out by ‘strangers.’ In which cases did the ‘strangeness’ contribute to the role? Are there parallels today where Israel’s redemption can only be carried out by ‘strangers’ from the nations?

To watch the panel and guests address and answer these questions CLICK HERE!

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